Antioch on the Orontes

Seleucid Coins 

First Series, Bronze Denomination B or C (19mm, 5.69g), c. 261-246 BC

Obv. Laureate head of Apollo r., with short curly hair.
Rev. BASILEWS on r., ANTIOCOU on l., tripod, standing on symbol

Primary control (outer l.):
Secondary control (outer r.): MIL
Seleucid symbol (under tripod): ANCHOR l.

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Description: 16mm bronze coin issued at an uncertain mint in western Asia Minor (possibly Smyrna)

Weight: 4.82g

Die Axis: Twelve o'clock

Reference: Spaer 455

Obverse: Head of Athene in crested Attic helmet facing right. Circle of dots.

Reverse: Naked Apollo standing facing left, holding arrow in extended right hand and resting left hand on bow. In right field: monogram.In left field: monogram. Inscription: BASILEWS SELEUKOU.

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